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  • Fruit Flavoured Opluse E Liquid 5X10ml Nicotin 0-18mg Vape Juice TPD

Fruit Flavoured Opluse E Liquid 5X10ml Nicotin 0-18mg Vape Juice TPD

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OPLUS Vape Juice E Liquid 10ml Nicotine 0mg 6mg 12mg 18mg – Fast & Free Shipping, Dispatched Same Day If Ordered Before 1 PM

Huge range of flavours exclusively by Vapeandlite UK

Brand new with child proof lids


  • Flavours: Over 11 Flavours to choose from in 3 Nicotine Strengths
  • Available Options: 0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg in 10ml – Choose from drop down box above
  • Delivery Type: Fast & Free UK delivery
  • Quantity: 10 ml
  • Brand: Oplus


Apple: Apple flavour delivers the crisp and fruity flavour of freshly picked apples. This is truly juicy and a great choice for all fruit lovers looking for a new alternative.

Banana: A pure and natural banana taste.Mellow and delish. A taste of the tropics is what the banana flavour brings to mind. The flavors of deep friend banana’s in a perfect blend on vape liquid that takes the fans of the banana to their happy place and beyond.

Blueberry: Blueberry E-Liquid provides a kick of fruity e-cig flavor that is a popular choice amongst vapers everywhere. Real, sweet blueberry flavor. Blueberry is a poolside vape juice to be enjoyed during a lazy summer afternoon.

Cherry: It’s delightfully sweet but won’t leave your mouth feeling like you just sucked on a lollypop. Cherry e liquid is reminiscent of cherry drop sweets, without being too overpowering on the sweetness. It offers a balanced burst of guilt-free candied cherry flavor each time you vape.

Kiwi: The perfect combination of sweetness and tartness, this e-liquid yields the smooth taste and scent of a freshly sliced kiwi. It’s light, delicious, and hits all the right notes.

Lemon: Lemon flavored e-juices are tart and tangy flavor profiles that take us all to a warm summer day with the sun shining down and cool refreshing lemons dancing on our taste buds refreshing your palate with every hit.

Mango: This juiciest mango flavor juice classic packs have the punch of tangy, fruity deliciousness of mango. This is truly a sweet and refreshing electric cigarette flavor that aims to produce cool and refreshing throat hit. This is the probably the perfect e-liquid for all cartomizers and e-Cig cartridges.

Orange: Orange flavour e-liquid is perfect for those who like a bit of a tangy twist to there vape this flavour tends to grow on your taste buds.

Strawberry: Long a symbol of passion and desire, strawberries are one of the world’s most popular fruit flavor treats. They are the sweetness of jam on morning toast and the sultry romance of a Valentine’s treat. Oplus Strawberry E-Liquid captures the true, fresh picked delightful essence of juicy strawberries.

Chocolate: Chocolate Flavored E-liquid has the taste of rich dark chocolate. It’s one of the favourite flavours. It features a rich and creamy ice cream base with dark chocolate flakes chopped in and lathered up to bring up minty chocolate goodness!

Melon: Melon flavored e juices incorporate the differently flavored melons available for a refreshingly sweet taste that’s sure to make your day. Try some melon Burst from fantastic melon flavor e-liquid.

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